What Recruiters Consider During the Oil and Gas Recruiting Process

Recruiters who need oil and gas engineers for offshore oil exploration jobs are always seeking candidates who fully understand how to develop and operate equipment for oil reservoirs and gadgets for oil extractions. However, because a proper education can make an impact during the recruiting process, jobs managers are very strategic and thorough. When they

How To Become A Procurement Engineer?

A procurement engineer controls the process of making purchases for engineering projects. They work on projects that affect all major branches of engineering: civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical. Also known as purchasing engineers, they buy products from suppliers, paying attention to project specifications that include deadlines and product quality. They do not specialize in purchasing

How To Improve Your Chances Of Landing Drilling Engineer Jobs

A drilling engineer is tasked with managing the creation of a well to produce gas or oil while ensuring optimum efficiency and safety. Drilling engineering jobs entail getting actively involved from the initial planning, designing, testing, completion, and subsequent abandonment of gas and oil extraction. Moreover, a drilling engineer is expected to maintain the equipment

The Challenges Faced by Welding Engineer Jobs

General assistant welding engineer jobs and field welding engineer jobs are popular in many business districts. The need for welders is high because welding is a strategic skill that requires timing and patience. Professional welding services are gaining popularity in many industries, as modern welders are always developing new techniques in order to tackle strategic