The Many Challenges of Mechanical Engineering

Within the oil and gas industry, mechanical engineers face a number of important tasks each day. Whether it’s designing or installing equipment, researching and developing new technologies, or overseeing the oil mining and refinement process, engineers are constantly involved in extremely complex operations. As a result, the challenges they face can be unique and demand

How To Obtain Jobs With Wood Group

There’s nothing like waking up and getting excited about going to work. Feeling this way is contingent on your ability to determine what type of work you want to do and then finding the job that will help you realize your personal dreams and professional potential. If you’ve realized that you want to pursue jobs

5 Little Known Facts About Coating Inspector Jobs

Individuals looking for a new career that will provide them with a rewarding salary should consider pipeline coating inspector jobs. As our nation’s economy is slowly, but surely, getting back on its feet, we still have many able-bodied people facing unemployment in various parts of the country. Fortunately, there is a growing need for all

What Recruiters Consider During the Oil and Gas Recruiting Process

Recruiters who need oil and gas engineers for offshore oil exploration jobs are always seeking candidates who fully understand how to develop and operate equipment for oil reservoirs and gadgets for oil extractions. However, because a proper education can make an impact during the recruiting process, jobs managers are very strategic and thorough. When they

How To Become A Procurement Engineer?

A procurement engineer controls the process of making purchases for engineering projects. They work on projects that affect all major branches of engineering: civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical. Also known as purchasing engineers, they buy products from suppliers, paying attention to project specifications that include deadlines and product quality. They do not specialize in purchasing