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What Recruiters Consider During the Oil and Gas Recruiting Process

Recruiters who need oil and gas engineers for offshore oil exploration jobs are always seeking candidates who fully understand how to develop and operate equipment for oil reservoirs and gadgets for oil extractions. However, because a proper education can make an impact during the recruiting process, jobs managers are very strategic and thorough. When they

Strategic Guide for Offshore Jobs

According to industrial business reports, a career in the offshore industry is worth considering because the pay is very beneficial. If the process of working for 12 hours during each shift doesn’t sound like a hassle, you’ll have no problems climbing the ladder of success. Educational Requirements A proper high school education is needed in

Pros and Cons of a Career as a Pipefitter

Pipefitter job description A pipe fitter is responsible for installing and maintaining pipe systems, hydraulics, and their support systems, especially for industrial processing and production structures. A pipefitter also connects lubricating pipes, gas pipes, pipes for heating, cooling, and sprinkling water for domestic or industrial purposes. It is the primary duty of the pipefitter to