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The Many Challenges of Mechanical Engineering

Within the oil and gas industry, mechanical engineers face a number of important tasks each day. Whether it’s designing or installing equipment, researching and developing new technologies, or overseeing the oil mining and refinement process, engineers are constantly involved in extremely complex operations. As a result, the challenges they face can be unique and demand

How To Become A Procurement Engineer?

A procurement engineer controls the process of making purchases for engineering projects. They work on projects that affect all major branches of engineering: civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical. Also known as purchasing engineers, they buy products from suppliers, paying attention to project specifications that include deadlines and product quality. They do not specialize in purchasing

Resume Tips for International Engineering Jobs

Have you ever considered transforming your resume to become your powerful marketing tool, even internationally? Although engineering jobs comprise of multiple specialties, most effective resume strategies will apply across different disciplines. Below are tips from experts that will help you as you design your resume to land international engineering job opportunities. Resume Organization Often, resumes

What makes a career in manufacturing an interesting prospect?

What makes a career in manufacturing an interesting prospect? Manufacturing engineering job description could generally be the process of promoting creation and innovation of high quality economically and competitive products, while giving room for self improvement. In addition to manufacturing goods manufacturing engineers also enjoy a lucrative salary package. We use equipments and other commodities

Job Outlook For Geotechnical Engineering Careers

Geotechnical Engineering: The Profession and Job Outlook Geotechnical engineers specialize in the design and development of structures supported by soil and rock, such as national slopes, mines, soil deposits, dams and tunnels. Many of the geotechnical projects are implemented underground and designed to withstand manmade infrastructures and natural hazards. They perform environmental assessments of sites