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What Recruiters Consider During the Oil and Gas Recruiting Process

Recruiters who need oil and gas engineers for offshore oil exploration jobs are always seeking candidates who fully understand how to develop and operate equipment for oil reservoirs and gadgets for oil extractions. However, because a proper education can make an impact during the recruiting process, jobs managers are very strategic and thorough. When they

How To Prepare Yourself To Get Hired Faster

Finding a job in the 90’s was restricted to some modes of communication. Candidates had to take hard copies of their resumes and mail it to companies, hoping to make an impression on them. Alternatively, they had to rely on meetings with their employers. The situation is different now. Today, candidates can leverage digital tools

Know What Questions To Ask The Interviewer In An Oil And Gas Interview

Have you felt like you were on the spotlight, when you were given the chance to ask questions to the interviewer? While candidates are expected to answer tricky questions that are designed to test their skills, they should also be prepared to ask the right questions. While the interviewer may form an opinion about you,

Common Mistakes That Candidates Should Avoid In Job Interviews

Some candidates can get their dressing right, create resumes without any spelling mistakes and show up on time, but still end up making silly mistakes that can result in them losing out on their job opportunity. Here are some common mistakes that candidates will do well to avoid to find success in their job search.