Finding the Right Recruiter Toward a Bright Future

employment agencyWhen seeking utility employment, a staffing agency can help tremendously. In fact, you may only gain access to certain employers through one. However, some recruiters won’t do much to promote you. Others may be misleading. Here’s how to recognize the best employment agency that’s worth your time.

Contingency vs. Retained Search Firms

Choosing between these two types of agencies depends on the level at which you’re applying. Contingency agencies assist entry and mid-level applicants. These firms receive payment for their services when employers hire candidates. Retained search firms recruit senior-level applicants, working exclusively for a given employer. Clients pay a percentage of the job salary plus search services, even if candidates aren’t hired.

If you apply for a position through a retained recruiter, you’ll receive a full briefing on the responsibilities, hiring company, and compensation package. If you approach a contingency recruiter, expect to be proactive about obtaining information. This type of interviewer is likely competing with a client’s human resources department, other staffing agencies, and additional job seekers. Under this pressure, contingency recruiters don’t waste time, so you’ll need to be zealous.

Although applicant-paid agencies exist, you’re not limited to using one. The best job agencies don’t charge candidates for their services.

Specialist vs. Generalist

Also, for the oil, gas, and energy sectors, choose a specialist recruiter. This is a field expert rather than a generalist who serves various industries. Specialists have in-depth understanding of job types, along with related terminology. They’re more versed in industry trends and employer expectations.

You can distinguish a specialist from a generalist recruiter by their knowledge of industry news. The specialist will have many field contacts. They’ll also be members of trade associations and subscribe to their publications.

One way to investigate a recruiter is to look up their LinkedIn profile. You can also inquire about their successful placements. A sure sign of expertise is a recruiter who’s worked in the utility industry themselves.

Trustworthy Traits

Here’s how to spot the best agency to get a job. Even if your background doesn’t fit a particular position, they continue searching on your behalf. They don’t promptly dismiss you. A top-notch recruiter speaks knowledgeably about a job and the employer. They don’t merely read a job description.

The best agency to find a job keeps you informed throughout the hiring process. They promptly return your phone calls. Being detail-oriented, they thoroughly prep you for interviews, coaching and supporting you.

Preparing for Contact

To expedite your job search, be clear on your objective. Before contacting recruiters, write down what you’re seeking in one sentence. For example, “I’m looking for a full-time job as a rig technician.” Then, list your skills and work history. Keep this written synopsis of your resume handy when speaking with recruiters.

Bottom Line

The best agency for job searching is one with an industry specialist who understands your career goals. They’re communicative, supportive, and reliable. Upon landing your ideal job, be sure to send them a note of thanks!


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