How To Become A Procurement Engineer?

Procurement EngineerA procurement engineer controls the process of making purchases for engineering projects. They work on projects that affect all major branches of engineering: civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical. Also known as purchasing engineers, they buy products from suppliers, paying attention to project specifications that include deadlines and product quality. They do not specialize in purchasing alone and have the technical expertise to work in the engineering industry. Know the qualifications necessary to work in this profession and apply for engineering procurement jobs.


Procurement engineers have the minimum of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in procurement engineering or a related business field. Finding a program in procurement engineering is difficult; therefore, many engineers have undergraduate degrees in purchasing, supply chain management or business administration.

To become purchasers, students complete courses in accounting, inventory management and retail management. Civil engineering students complete general courses in math, physics, land surveying and technical science. Purchasing students need courses that help them understand the business processes of bidding, pricing, inventory and supplying.

Work Experience

In all industries, professionals increase their hiring chances by gaining work experience. Students work as interns to complete procurement or engineering projects for different companies. They learn to work independently or as part of a team while using computer-aided design (CAD) software and analyzing procurement strategies.

Job Search

Society will never stop hiring engineers to manufacture machines, vehicles and everyday products. However, procurement engineers find it more challenging to find ideal jobs than civil, chemical and electrical engineers do.

Many engineering procurement jobs vacancies are filled by experienced purchasing managers and business administrators. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that buying and purchasing jobs will grow at less-than-average rates from 2014 to 2024.

Procurement engineers may choose to specialize in specific fields of engineering. Civil engineering procurement jobs involve purchases that affect public roads, buildings and transportation centers.

Find engineering procurement construction jobs that require you to oversee various construction projects. As part of your general duties, review construction plans, prepare market research reports and understand the general needs of civil engineers.

The rules to obtain engineering procurement and construction jobs vary with each employer. Some employers prefer specialized education that relates to purchasing, while others focus less on education and more on work experience. Chemical engineers can switch to this career as long as they gain experience in procurement. Purchasing managers can become engineers if they have the right combination of education and experience. Taking advanced degree programs, enrolling in appropriate courses and researching jobs are the essential steps to become a purchasing expert in engineering.

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