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Following are our the best selling courses.

Petrophysics Basics Bundle

Get all 13 Basic Petrophysics Course. This bundle covers all topics needed to calculate shale volume, porosity, water saturation, permeability, and flow capacity from modern well logs. This is a practical, no-nonsense course covering both visual and numerical analysis methods, with numerous real-world exercises.

How to Build your Course

This course will cover everything you need to know to package your knowledge into a top seller course! Including every single step: planning, gathering reference content, creating your content, getting images, video, even where to find help to put everything together. Then I’ll walk you through the filming, camera choices, audio equipment and latest technology for online delivery. You’ll finally learn how to put it all together, publish and sell your courses. It doesn’t stop there! I will teach you all of my tactics for list building and marketing.

Basic Overview of Refineries | Est. Length: 30 mins

This is a short course that will give you a basic low tech overview of what happens to the crude oil once it arrives at a refinery and how it becomes products. We will also do some basic financial exercise that will help you see how refineries make money. Finally we will talk a little bit about the different roles required to run a refinery.