The Big Interview: What To Do Before Interviewing For An Oil Rig Job

oil rig job Breaking into the oil and gas industry can be difficult with hundreds of applicants for each open position. If you are lucky enough to earn an interview, you need to be as prepared as possible. Poor preparation makes you appear unprofessional and undeserving of the position. Some jobs, such as those offered through Halliburton careers with Swift, are often on an oil rig. For these particular career openings, there are unique aspects to consider before the big interview.

Research Everything

An oil rig job is typically offshore and requires an extensive time commitment. Although you get time off, you usually work for several weeks at a time and take a week or two off at home. Regardless of the oil rig company, research the corporation as much as possible. What are the company’s goals and its culture? Speaking coherently about the company with the interviewer shows that you want to work for them. You want to know about work conditions as well. If you cannot find specific information about your position, make a short list of questions for the interviewer. Detailed interest in the job shows initiative and perseverance that employers enjoy.

Type Of Interview

Typically, you do not visit the oil rig for the interview. You may interview with an executive at a nearby office or with an immediate supervisor on the rig itself through videoconferencing. Ask your initial contact about the interviewing process. If it is over videoconferencing, make sure you have the right software and hardware to avoid communication problems. Any interview is stressful so you want to be prepared for any situation.

Pick Out Your Clothes

Do not wait until the last minute to throw an outfit together. Look through your closet immediately after hearing about the interview to find a proper look. Unless instructed otherwise, select a suit for men or a skirt or pantsuit for women. You want a formal appearance to show the interviewer that you are serious about the position. Even videoconferencing appearances are important. With web cameras housing high definition technology, interviewers can see you clearly.

Mock Interview

Ask a friend to be your interviewer. Go over basic questions that may appear in a real interview situation. Search for common questions on oil rig job postings online. A unique job can have surprising questions. By preparing for your interview, you have several answers in mind to each question without too much stress.

Plan To Be On Time

Employers place a lot of weight on punctuality, especially for the interview. Whether you physically attend the interview or use a computer, be there slightly earlier than the planned time. Allow enough time for possible traffic or computer problems. It is better to be early than late.

An oil rig job offers a valuable experience for a talented person. Prepare yourself and stay calm during your interview. A deserving person knows about the company and key position responsibilities. Engaging in intelligent conversation about the company places you ahead of the pack.


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